Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Before I Was So Rudely Interrupted

Before my procedure on Friday I had started on some new beads, and I had some time over the long weekend to continue this work. Inspired by summer days spent by the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez, these beads are all about water. It helped my mental state to keep busy.

It's been fun thinking back to the class I took with Michael Barley, where he gave us countless tips on how to make our work unique as the pool (sorry for the pun) of lampwork bead makers continues to grow larger. One of several I've been playing with in this series is layering transparent colors. There are lots of ways to do it (see his new cane pulling tutorial here), but the end result is fantastic. You can't buy these colors anywhere.

Anyway, have a look and enjoy glass at its best, with transparent watery depth you can lose yourself in.

I've also got the cutest little spacers that coordinate with all of the focals in this series. Coordinated, I tell you! Who'd have thunk I could do that?

I've been thinking about Michael and his beads a lot lately, as I work on this new Aquatic series and also as I think about medical stuff. His beads definitely make me think about organisms at the cellular level, and lately when I've been at the torch I have been inspired to create my own cellular patterns, which I hope to show you sometime.

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Snowcatcher said...

I'm anxious to see the designs you've created on your own. I can see why you are drawn to the watery texture and colors of these beads. My eyes get lost inside them!


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