Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How About That?

Another new bullet pendant, headed to Rochester.

I got all of my beads made, plus some silver work I've been itching to do, and almost resisted the idea to try some new things. Why do these tendencies hit me the week before a show? Nothing like being afloat in a sea of beady talent for a week to expand ideas to their fullest creative potential. I've got my ISGB spiral notebook and am ready to sketch and jot notes as the week at The Gathering progresses.

I bet you could think of some cool ways to adorn these simple fine silver earrings, which I believe I'll call the Loop in Loop Loop in Loops. Cool, huh? They're light as a feather and would rock on their own, or with any kind of beady embellishments you like. If you know how to wire wrap, you're home free.

Another bejeweled Amulet.

I'm totally psyched to be able to hear Nancy Tobey speak at the conference. I must confess that I entered her name as my write-in suggestion for speakers this year, and my wish came true! If ever I were to be seduced to go to the dark side (borosilicate glass), this woman's work could do it. Maybe not soon, but certainly before too long, I will have to take one of her classes.

For once, my displays were dry runned (ran?) a week ahead of time, and every prop needed to maximize my little 4' of table space at the Bead Bazaar is packed. Not even one box was shipped ahead, although I know I'll have to pay for my one checked bag. Unlike last time I've eschewed the urge to haul heavy necklace busts, wooden shadow boxes, and other flotsam in favor of lighter weight, more creative solutions. I'm most excited about my $2 plastic grocery bag storage bins from Ikea. Two of them are now spray painted and repurposed into earring, bead, and jewelry displays, the lightest you'll ever find, and no doubt the cheapest. I think I confessed a while back that I'd be on an eternal mission to find the best, most efficient displays, even if it means reinventing my booth each and every time. I'll photograph it on Saturday and try to do a remote blog update so you can see.

Plastic grocery bag holders from Ikea.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I plan to enjoy a nice day with the intriguing Milon Townsend in his studio, complete with lunch in his lovely garden. It's one of the fantastic events planned as part of the Gathering, and in my opinion, beats the heck out of shopping.

And to top it off will be another exciting, though nerve-jangling episode of So You Think You Can Dance (hereforafter referred to as SYTYCD), where they will remove not one, but TWO dancers. Last week the judges thought it appropriate to reward Billy Bell for declining to dance even with a doctor's go-ahead, and to decline to send anyone home depite the fact that we all knew that Jose's time had come, despite his heart melting smile. Cat Deeley summed it up perfectly by asking them, "we're just making this up as we go along, aren't we?" Cyndie and I are both fans, however, and will find a way to see this show, you can count on that.

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