Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Took A Nice Picture Today

I've finally found the best prop for my jewelry and bead photos...and it was right in my own backyard! For some reason I've yet to explain, I keep hauling sun dried bones and other beach artifacts home with me from our annual trips to Baja. We truly have a boneyard thing going and I'm sure that visitors must be wondering when they see my stash. To me they speak loudly of how difficult it is for some animals to survive in the desert, and the texture and stone-like feel of them is fascinating.

Finally it occurred to me to use one of the bones I had to get the structure and subtle textural interest I was after in my photos. I'm very pleased with it, and thought it was just the right prop for my new Kilimanjaro bracelet - kind of primitive, and well, animal looking. And here's the best part - on one side there's an edge that I can hang earrings from. How cool is that?

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