Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. T

The wild turkeys are back, and this year they have a clutch of 4 babies in tow. The family is coming to visit nearly every day now, and each time I spot them I begin the anxious count. One, ok two, three, where's the last? Last year there was a particularly large family hanging around, but the numbers got smaller as the season progressed. We have bobcat and mountain lions here, and the turkeys are very vulnerable. There's also been a coyote hanging around the neighborhood who hasn't been shy when people are around, and it's got the neighbors who raise ducks, chickens, and children a bit worried.

But for now, the family of six is intact, and it makes me smile to see them.


I have been curious about our local feathered friends so I did some research and learned that they are from the Rio Grande subspecies. Further, I thought I should verify if indeed it was likely I saw a male & female pair with the chicks or perhaps more likely, two females. Well, best as I can tell from the gender identification guides, this is a family with two gobblers and no hens! A coupla guys raising chicks! Imagine that. I'll try to verify the next time they stroll through, but the guides are specific and the shots I got the other day showed very pronounced snoods on both adults, and some very manly sets of caruncles.

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