Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eight (count em!), EIGHT new listings in my Etsy shop

An Ethereal Orb, in lavender. You would even glows.

From spacers to focals, I've got it all covered. Since the Gathering in July I've not had much time to melt glass, with vacations, family time, and other tasks, but I've finally found time to get some of my latest inventory listed. You've seen some of them in my pre-show teaser posts before, but unless you've been following me around to various bead shows you've not had a chance yet to purchase them. Now is your chance before I gobble them up to make my own jewelry creations, or take them to BABE in November.

Here are a few I'm particularly fond of:

A new Wild Ones set. I can't seem to keep these in stock, and for now I'm going to stop stealing them for my own creations. These sets are are very popular in the Etsy treasuries these days, as are all things animal print. You can see all of the great treasuries made by my ROCKIN' Team Treasury International team mates and other Etsy friends by clicking here - it will take you to those that have featured my items. I am blown away and super grateful that I'm in 314 treasuries so far since Treasury East began.

Grey Blue Ethereal Orb. All of my Orbs are etched. They're so velvety, and with a hint of shimmer. The colors in these are one of a kind, and achieved by layering several transparent shades over each other.

Lime Green and Raku Gravity Bead, now in my Etsy Shop. The incredible color of this raku must be beheld to be believed. It's some of the most amazing I've seen yet.

Another Orb in Ethereal Earth Tones. Another semi translucent bead in layers of color.

I'm getting excited about the Sacramento Arts Festival in October! If you haven't been, you totally need to go. The caliber and quantity of art in this convention center show just blew my mind, and it was a 3 day party with food and music all throughout. I had a blast there last year, but worked my poor feet to death over the 3 days of the show. They get some crowds in there! Here's a shot of one of my dear customers - she was so pleased to select just the right amulet for her chain, and I think it looks fantastic on her. I just love making people happy with their new jewelry.

As usual I'm scheming new ways to improve my booth, and make setup and operation more efficient. I always make notes during my shows about things that aren't working (e.g. the bed risers under my table legs on the uneven ground at an outdoor show), or that I'd like to change for the next time. I think I have a fairly simple plan that I can execute before the show, and I'll tell you all about it soon.

OK, my fingers are tired after all of the photo taking, editing, and listing, and I'm going to go relax. Hope your weekend is stellar!

Monday, August 23, 2010

And the winner is...Deb!

First prize goes to Deb.

I'm thrilled to announce that the winner of my first Gathering Trivia Contest is Deb Batten, of Firebird Flamework. Yay! Deb got all of the answers right, and in lightning speed at that, and she didn't even attend the Gathering this year. I chalk it up to her amazing internet prowess, ultra honed lampwork knowledge, and overall bloggy smarts.

And now for the most exciting part. Deb, your prize is this incredible hardwood (no idea what kind) butterfly appetizer server with genuine tumbled stone picks. No, 'sfar as I can tell you can't remove the stones and replace them with beads, but once you receive this feel free to give it a shot if you're so inclined. I sure wondered about that myself.

Thanks for playing, everyone, and I think I should do this again sometime. It was kind of fun!

Once I get myself sorted out I'll post some fabulous pix from our recent long weekend visiting friends in Washington state. My, what a beautiful part of the country that is.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gathering Quiz

OK, so I'm not yet up for a full on post yet (hit the ground running as soon as I got back with family vacation and day job stuff), but I figured you might like to take a Gathering Quiz. Five easy questions, post your answers in the comments. The person who gets the most correct answers will win a specTACular prize, I swear.

1. Which well known artist's work is this? And who is the cute blonde wearing it?

2. Who is this lady (standing) and what service did she provide gratis to many conference goers?

3. Whose incredible place of work is this?Bonus question: For what educational institution is he now working on a commissioned piece?

4. Who are the smurfs and what are they doing?

5. Who is this adorable young thing? What kind of dog is he?

You have until Sunday evening to submit your answers. The person with the most correct answers will be announced on Monday morning, when I will reveal the incredible price. Hint: no well-bred hostess would want to be without it. Hint #2: It's an insect, albeit a most beautiful one.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beads of Courage - Please Keep Voting!

Lots happened while I was away at the Gathering in Rochester, but the most important thing I have to tell you before wowing you with pix from the conference is that we need you to keep voting for Beads of Courage in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Challenge. The BOC folks have elected to stay in the contest for another month so they can get into the top 10 and win a grant. We were close last month but not quite close enough. With your help we can do it in August!

Have you texted your daily vote for Beads of Courage
in the Pepsi Challenge?

We need your votes every day through the end of August to win
a $25,000 grant for the program!

Vote from your mobile phone

Text* 100217 to
Pepsi (73774)

*Standard text messaging rates apply.

You can vote on the web once per day as well –

please visit this link online to vote

Thank you!


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