Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beads of Courage - Please Keep Voting!

Lots happened while I was away at the Gathering in Rochester, but the most important thing I have to tell you before wowing you with pix from the conference is that we need you to keep voting for Beads of Courage in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Challenge. The BOC folks have elected to stay in the contest for another month so they can get into the top 10 and win a grant. We were close last month but not quite close enough. With your help we can do it in August!

Have you texted your daily vote for Beads of Courage
in the Pepsi Challenge?

We need your votes every day through the end of August to win
a $25,000 grant for the program!

Vote from your mobile phone

Text* 100217 to
Pepsi (73774)

*Standard text messaging rates apply.

You can vote on the web once per day as well –

please visit this link online to vote

Thank you!

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