Monday, September 27, 2010

Ready for another tease?

Maybe I should do a tease a day (or is that too pornographic?) until the show this weekend. Sorry for the radio silence but my fingers have been working faster than I can keep up with. Yesterday was "sew the pleated cover for the tall corner pedestal" day, along with PMC bead cap day, Soldering Day (Every Day is Soldering Day now), and focal pendant day. Thank goodness today wasn't Torch Day or Soldering Day 'cuz it's been blazing hot around here. But if it ain't nailed down, I've pretty much soldered it, so look out.

I have some new, New, NEW stuff to show you, that's for sure. These are the vintage looking pieces, and I guarantee, it's going to get much, much wilder than this.

Amulet Redux, with some carnelian, African yellow opal, glass and more gemstones.

Meanwhile, Team Treasury International is rockin' the fall and Halloween themes big time, and getting lots of Etsy front page exposure. Check out their fabulous curations, if you've got some coffee and a few minutes. The team has some wonderful Etsy talent, and you've just got to check out their shops.

And do head over to Deb's blog to see the awesome Photo of the Day shots she's posting. Just yummy!

1 comment:

mairedodd said...

these are terrific patty - you have been busy! i really admire how hard you work - and wasn't aware that you did pmc bead caps! the necklace is beautiful...


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