Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thank you Laura!

Thanks to the lovely and super talented Laura Sparling, I have fixed my page label salience problem. I visited her fabulous blog and saw that she was using Blogger, and her page labels were just like I wanted - noticeable. So, I paid a long overdue visit to the Blogger tool shed and they have some new templates that solve my problem. I chose the "Simple" template by Josh Simpson (probably not the famed glass artist, nor the Canadian or English soccer players, but undoubtedly a guy who knows his way around code), and with the click of my mouse it was so.

Hip hip yippee!


Deb said...

UGH! I didn't realise that you were just having problems with getting them to display the way you wanted...sorry Patty!
**very small voice** I could have told you that the page 'tabs' display better on some of the new templates than others..... as I spent hours picking (& fiddling with) my new design template in accordance to how the tabs displayed.

When you spoke of the HTML I thought you meant you were trying to somehow get them integrated with the HTML on the whole blog page & never gave it a thought that you weren't using one of the new design templates.

I'm so not with it !!

Patty said...

Deb, no problem! I probably could have explained my dilemma better. :-)

Laura said...

Thanks for the mention!

Blog looks great. :o)

Laura x

Patty said...

Oh dang, now I see what I lost - my 3 column format. Oh well, some code fiddling for a rainy day.


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