Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm not missing ER so much any more. Or Miami Medical. Or any other show for that matter. It's not like I'm a TV-holic, at all. I find a scant few shows that I resonate with, and some I end up following faithfully. Jon Stewart is an almost daily fix, and when So You Think You Can Dance is in season, well, you better clear the couch and be careful not to disturb me. ER was a distinct part of my life for over a decade, and I grew to really appreciate the value of good writing with that show, and suffered a few crushes along the way. Anthony Edwards' portrayal of Dr. Green had me swooning over his geeky, pure hearted healer character, and bawling my eyes out when his fate became shockingly familiar to how I lost my own father to brain cancer a little over 20 years ago.

But now there's a new kid in town, and his name is Glee. Oh. My. God. You want writing, you got it. You want a reminder of how volatile teenage emotions can be, you got it. You want amazing vocal performances in both classic, old school, and contemporary music, you are there. You want a female antagonist who utters some of the most profanely cutting comments you have ever heard, Sue Sylvester delivers. Weekly.

So, ok, this is my new show, and if you call or otherwise attempt to reach me while it's on, or while I'm catching up on a week or more of recorded episodes, forget it. I know it's some kind of insane calculated marketing brain child, a mix of clever writing and scary product placement where the only thing I can do is rush over to iTunes when it's over and grab the latest songs, and I'm kind of ashamed of that. But the music rocks, for sure. I like some of their renditions better than the originals.

Anyway, if you haven't happened to see this award winning show yet, you gotta check it out. If only for Jane Lynch's performance of Sue Sylvester, who amazingly enough, has her own wiki.

The only thing that's deeply troubling me lately about my TV viewing habits is how my only favorite shows happen to be on the FOX network, the evil of all evil enterprises. Perhaps I can just watch them on hulu for spite.


Snowcatcher said...

I have no cable and no converter, so all we watch are old cycling movies while we're on the trainers. Oh, and Star Trek...

But you actually got my curiosity going on this one!

Patty said...

Deb- I think you can catch it on Hulu!


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