Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Should Have Known

that if you get two crazy friends together for a long weekend show there's bound to be trouble. It started when we arrived at the Sacramento Convention Center's loading dock and I discovered I didn't have the key to unlock the shell on the back of the pickup. Ouch. You'd think after all these shows I'd have it down to a science. But no. I am completely and totally indebted to my tiny, agile friend Heidi, who was able to slip through the window in the cab to the back and open the hatch so that we could unload and set up.

We enjoyed some busy times and some not so busy times during the 3 day show, and despite how agile Heidi was at slithering through the bowels of a fully loaded Tundra she apparently had a few senior moments where she forgot how to make her way into the booth from the back.

Fortunately she fought her way through the curtain and made her way back. I am so glad, because she was so fun to be with, and so wonderful with all of the fantastic shoppers who came to see me. I have never had such fun at a show before.

I have to say, the Sacramento area has the most loyal art show fans! They come year after year, and I enjoyed seeing many of last year's customers return. Elena, it was so nice of you to come by before your big Open Studio weekend. And Stacie, Marchia, Patti, Wendi, Elizabeth, Kathleen, Joan, Linnea, Linda, Margaret, Shannon, Tami, Ruthann, Donna, Kandie, Joan, Michele, Barbara, Debbie, and Leslie and many more whose names are escaping me - it was so nice talking with you. Unfortunately, I did sell my favorite new necklace right off my own neck, and now I am forced to create another (sniff!). My next events are a private winery event in early November (Dancing Creek Winery), and my favorite holiday show of all at Bargetto Winery in Soquel in early December. Guess I'd better get busy.

I was excited to meet many new artists at the Sacramento Arts Festival and had a chance to learn more about what they do. I get so fired up meeting artists who work in entirely different media than me, and do things that I know I never could.

My next door neighbor was Richard Borashan, an actual ninja artist who interprets the world in pencil and charcoal sketches that have a dark theme. Dudes with needles coming out of their heads or in ski masks with evil, smashed grins, and women who have lived life hard. His work is engaging, and so was he. Visit his site to see why people were so excited to talk with him about his work. I am excited about maybe helping this guy get booked somewhere for his dream gig: a blank room and a sharpie. I want to be there when that happens, because it will be magic.

I also met a photographer new to the show named David Budinski, and it was his first show ever. I loved his images on metal, in particular one of a glass bottle adorned fence somewhere in Nevada. Check out his site to see some of his work. His wife was there the whole time with him, bless her heart, and I kick myself for not getting a shot of her awesome hair.

Bruce Salinger of was there again, and his kinetic sculptures and machines always make me smile. Heidi now owns one of his pieces, much to her delight.

I chatted with a number of glass artists at the show, naturally, including Kliszewski Glass, James Stone of Stone and Glass (look for him at the new San Diego Holiday Arts Festival in late November), and my favorite, Bryan Goldenberg of Slow Burn Glass in Oakland. I want to own some of his pendant lights (the ruffled ones) some day. They are amazing.

I'm tired, and not even unpacked yet, but it was a great time and I really, really enjoyed being with so many creative people all in one place for the weekend. Warren, you rock, and I loved being part of your event. Sorry about the little pile of sand I left in my spot, but one of my sandbag weights broke as we were packing up. I'm just glad Heidi restrained herself on the gyros and was able to squeeze into the back once again so we could load up on Sunday night. Thank you Heidi, for your wonderful friendship and your generous help!


heidi said...

Hey my FRIEND ! Wow -- the weekend was sooo much fun for me too (-= Let's make this an annual gig.

Cyndie Smith said...

It's a good thing Heidi was there and not me! I have visions of trying to squeeze through that window and getting stuck with my tuckuss waving in the wind! lol!
Sounds like you gals had a great time!

Patty said...

Oh Cyndie, that window (in between cab and the back of the pickup) is tiiiny. I am so lucky that Heidi was there, and was her petite self. Heidi - you got it! :-)

Pretty Things said...

Oh gosh, that's a story for the forums! I haven't done anything like lock my keys in the van yet (KNOCK ON WOOD, as I have a show this weekend!) but I've forgotten many things numerous shows -- underwear, socks, business cards, etc. Thank goodness for nearby Target and Staples!


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