Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My new best friend

Meet my new best friend: Mr. Sven Jotul, one of the finest Norwegian stoves ever made. With cooler, wetter weather becoming a more regular visitor to these parts, I have just called Sven into service for the winter. A warmer environment for bread dough to rise is important. Sven is incredibly efficient, and heats a room in no time. You thought I was going to say my dog is my best friend, which is usually a good guess with me but he's on my shit list now for bolting off to chase deer during our walks. He's also in detention since I caught him lounging on our bed this morning. Sven does neither of these. Clearly some roles need to be re-established around here, as my leadership status is only honored periodically, when He feels inclined.

Anyway, Sven's warm touch has skillfully returned the feeling to my toes and fingers, the sourdough starter is warming up on the counter for a feeding and a new tasker: sourdough cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. The beans for this week's soup (white bean and ham hock) are soaking, and by the time the World Series starts tonight it might even be ready to eat.

Set of 4 coordinating fall-inspired beads

I've started listing some of my new beads and jewelry on Etsy - have you seen them? They're inspired by nature (and some glass objects and fixtures around my home, to be honest), and I've grouped them by color. Do these groupings seem right to you jewelry designers, or should I mix them up more? Are the sets too large, or sized right?

Set of 5 coordinating nature-inspired beads
Set of 5 Coordinating Nature Inspired Lampwork Glass Beads

Let me know what you think. I've got more coming in earthy groupings of rust, brown and lavender, and another in golds and greens, plus an absolutely killer mix of green themed lampwork, African Opal, turquoise, and czech leaves that you won't believe (like my Moody Blues mix, only bigger and better).

Gotta run - looks like Sven needs me for something.

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