Friday, October 8, 2010

Plug It In!

Would you like to get a sneak preview of the new electric cars coming soon to the showrooms? How about a chance to bend the ear of folks who have driven these cars already for years, and know firsthand how they work? Your chance is coming up on Saturday, October 23, at a fantastic fundraiser near Los Angeles with fabulous wine and food on top of all the electric car goodness.

Remember the documentary by Chris Paine, "Who Killed the Electric Car"? Well, the fundraiser is taking place at his beautiful hilltop home in Culver City, and you just know there will be some amazing people there.

I drove an all-electric car for 3 years and loved it, and am really excited about the new ones coming out from Nissan and Chevy.

Hurry and sign up if you want to attend - this event sold out last year and tickets are limited. The event details are here at the Plug In America website.

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