Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Sweetest Day Yet

How could the past few days have been any better? I just don't know. Perhaps a special in-person visit from Gerald Posey III, or a Fed Ex delivery of a giant time stopping machine that would let me get caught up on all of my tasks, or maybe the DIY House Crashers team pulling up in our driveway.

The Ultimate Sweet Treat was the San Francisco Giants clinching a win in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series last night against the Philadelphia Phillies on their home turf. A nail biter for sure (more for the must-win Phillies), but our beloved Gigantes pulled it out and are now flying back here for the first game of the World Series, to be played on Wednesday here at home. It's just freaking fantastic.

We enjoyed the game in the company of good friends here at home, with a yummy dinner of their recently caught spiny lobsters, and homemade sourdough bread. I made a tactical error and planned a spinach souffle with our dinner, so we had to put the 8th inning on pause in order to enjoy the souffle at its best. Can you imagine? The phone even rang off the hook during dinner, but we ignored it so we could enjoy the game outcome for ourselves. I guess our priorities go something like, 1. Puffy egg whites, 2. Giants NLCS baseball, 3.Outside communication . What can I say? A fresh caramelized upside down pear tart (it's sweeter with pilfered pears from a neighbor's unattended tree) with vanilla ice cream capped off the meal wonderfully.

The Ultimate Harvester
The Ultimate Harvester with his biggest catch

A huge round of applause for the wonderful King Arthur Flour website, where I found this simple, kick butt recipe for sourdough bread. I made the extra tangy version, using my own vigorous 2 week old starter, which is threatening to get up off the counter and walk out the door on its own.

My sourdough bread success!
My first sourdough bread success. The crust was crispy, and the inside nice and chewy. I'm going to do this in whole wheat this winter, and I think it's going to be killer with my soups.

Spiny Lobster in Crazy Water
Spiny Lobster in Crazy Water, from Epicurious, and using Candi's lovely late cherry tomato harvest. With all the foodies millling smartly about in Southern California, where these bugs come from, it amazes me that there is only one spiny lobster recipe on Epicurious, my favorite recipe site. This must be fixed.

My domestic urges satisfied, I'm going to spend the rest of the day fondling some recent antique store finds, cleaning up my disaster of a work bench, photographing new work, and hopefully listing some new items on Etsy. I'm thinking some fallish bead mixes might be fun. I certainly have loads of potential beads.


rosebud101 said...

Oh, Patty, that looks wonderful! Now, I'm really hungry.

kate mckinnon said...


Viva Los Gigantes!


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