Thursday, December 23, 2010

Art in the Garden

A few years ago I took a lot of my photographs outside in the garden. I'm a bit torn about whether this could be considered art in itself (I really do love the shot above), or whether the flora detract from the beads. I guess it all depends on the purpose of the photo.

I had the shot below made into a poster to have in my booth at art shows, so that people walking by could get a better sense of what was within if they dared enter.

A funny thing happened one year - the woman who purchased this necklace came back to my booth, and was startled to look up from my table to see her very own necklace framed, on the wall. Startled, but excited. That was fun.

I love this succulent, particularly on wet mornings when each little crevice offers me a shimmering drop of magnifying water.


Right now I'm thinking that maybe the two realms should be separate, except for special shots like the first one. What do you think?


Beadwright said...

Hi Patty. This looks like art to me. Love the photos.

Jennifer Cameron said...

Patty, I LOVE the combination of the glass and nature and that first one ROCKS! The purples are perfect. I would think these would make cool promotional post cards, etc.

Pretty Things said...

The fourth picture down -- my favorite. I've never actually been fond of succulents but that one? I am in LOVE.

It's cool how you photographed your beads against the plants -- they're really awesome for that.

And that's a cool story about your customer!


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