Friday, December 17, 2010

Flashback Friday

In Montana there is a river that you can float and camp on if you're lucky enough to win a launch date in the lottery they have each spring. Well, you also have to be planning to go on a date where the flow will be enough to float your boat, so to speak. Sometimes there's just not enough water and we have to cancel, and other years it rains some or all of the time and there's too much. You just have to take your chances.

We've done this float several times with inflatable kayaks, carrying all of our gear for the week.

The river is typically very tame, with only a Class III rapid (or less) to face on the last day. Some of the bends against the cliffs can get sporty though. My son handled his boat very well on his own.

I caught a very nice brown trout (we released them) on this trip, and was very stoked. Isn't he gorgeous?

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!


Beadwright said...

Hi Patty, thanks for the memories. I do miss Montana in the summer. LOL. Beautiful Brown.
Have a great holiday

NuminosityBeads said...

Nice trout! Lets see, what color frit would that be?
Nothing like floating down a river and some fresh fish.
You did eat it didn't you?
xoxo Kim

Patty said...

Kim - no, we released him. :-)


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