Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice!


The winter solstice is here! It's a wonderful thing, at least for those of us who love light. I adore where we live, but our particular property is quite deficient in winter photons. From here on out (until the Summer Solstice in June) the days are getting longer. We must endure the longest night of the year first, but after that, the time we spend in the dark will be waning.

This year is extra special with a total lunar eclipse thrown in, but we're clouded in with storms and likely won't see it. Happens too often here - we missed the last great meteor shower due to fog.

So, it's a turning point, and one worth celebrating at least in some small way. Ours will involve a fire, some snow, and likely some rum cake. What will you do to celebrate this day?


kate mckinnon said...

Like you, I celebrate this day. It's my favorite holiday!

I plan to spend it walking in the hood, talking to the trees and sleeping lizards, and making it a personal party from beginning to end.

Patty said...

Sounds like a great way to honor the day, Kate. I'm thrilled that we got to see a little part of the eclipse last night, in the beginning, before the sky just closed up completely with clouds and fog.

Enjoy the day! Just think - the number of minutes in the day available for accomplishing things has just started to increase!


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