Friday, December 31, 2010

It's almost gone, or almost here, depending on your outlook

Bow Wow

It's been quite a year, not without challenges, but also not without reward and joy. I'm not sad to leave it behind, as usual, and am eagerly looking forward to the next set of days.

I'm not much for resolutions, but as I teeter on the brink of a new year I feel...resolved. I stumbled upon a great inspirational post in one of my new favorite blogs, a post on the concept of "release" and it started with a quote that resonated with me:

“Three rules of work: out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony;
in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” - Albert Einstein

Many of you have embraced a single word as your mantra each year. I won't pretend that I can stay fascinated with or motivated by only one word for an entire year, but I can say that the word "Release" has about as good a chance as any with me, and I plan to cozy up to it as long as I can. I think it holds lots of potential for me, and I'd like to explore it. Here are some of the many ways I hope to honor this word in 2011 (they're not resolutions, but "thought projects"!).

I would like to release more physical things from my possession, such that other intangible things may return to me. I would like to free my mind from emotional clutter.

I would like to release myself from the fear of moving forward, of succeeding, and of doing.

I hope to let go of preconceived notions I may have about people and how they should act, or what they should be or do, about artistic media and which are "appropriate" for what purpose. I would like to open my mind to more possibilities.

I want to release myself from activities that I've gotten used to doing just for the sake of doing them, for familiarity, and focus on doing things that I truly want to do. I want to have no regrets, and to make each day count. I want to make my bucket list, and feel at peace knowing that I am living with intention.

As a way of closing this book and preparing to open the next, I'll share some highlights from my year.

Some of the things I've learned this year:

1. In age and femininity there is wisdom and power, and the world has known this for some time.
2. I can make sets of beads if I want to.
3. The Sea of Cortez can be delightful in June.
4. Don't. Miss. Your Mammograms.
5. I can design a functional, beautiful bathroom!
6. You can never have too much inventory.
7. I can take pretty good pictures with a relatively inexpensive camera.
8. Boys will always be boys, and moms will always love them no matter what.
9. Some dogs enjoy a kayak ride.
10. There is no end to the beauty all around us in nature.
11. Never lock the lock unless you're certain you have the key.
12. A hug is wonderful medicine.
13. Sometimes you just have to let go and hope that they make the right choice.
14. It's not that hard to make good sourdough bread.

No wild parties here, just some contemplative time, attention to year-end paperwork, a warm fire, and preparations for a Southern-inspired feast on the 1st. More to come.


mairedodd said...

BEAUTIFUL and meaningful and thought provoking... thank you... may the approaching 365 days provide ample opportunity for you to resolutely move through your list... xo

heidi said...

Hola Amiga
I enjoyed reading your thoughts this New Year's Eve. Just as with your beads, there is an artistry to your words. Looking forward to spending some time with you in the coming year.<< heidi >>

Patty said...

Hugs back at you both for the lovely words. Heidi, safe travels and I hope to see you soon. xoxo

MaCarroll Beads said...

That post was very inspirational....I made me think of everything that I've learned in this past year... and what I hope I might be able to accomplish in the new year.... Thanks~

Pam @ The Blue Between said...

What a lucky dog you have. I wonder if mine could manage it. I don't think so, she'd rather swim along next to me.

Happy New Year Patty! I wonder what we will learn this year?


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