Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You could even grows

Stretchy bracelet with my Earthy Orbs beads and antique brass findings

Whodathunkit - my Earthy Orbs make the cutest stretchy bracelet with these antiqued brass bead caps. Yep, it's headed for my show this weekend, and yep, it's highly affordable. Soquel is the cuuutest, tiniest little suburb of Santa Cruz, with loads of antique stores, the most wonderful restaurant called Cafe Cruz, and the Pacific ocean right there too.

Bargetto Winery is a wonderful little family winery that has a beautiful outdoor patio for tasting and art events in the warm weather, and a classic cellar that has the wonderful old smell of wine and wood. It was established over 75 years ago by Italian immigrants, during the Great Depression. We'll be tucked in every nook and cranny among the barrels (trying to keep warm, as usual), with loads of fresh greenery and little white twinkly lights all around.

bargetto show
My little booth. Yet another use for the fabulous 2' x 6' grid panels,
with triangular corner shelves.
I can post a little tutorial on this setup if you like.

The first time I visited the show as a shopper I decided I had to become a part of it. There are no conventional booths there, just nooks and crannies and flexibility is key for artists and shoppers alike. It's just so...intimate and I love the vibe, the smells, the sounds (is that another cork popping?). Saturday night after the day shoppers are gone the show continues in the evening with a special wine club event, with fancy catered food, carolers, and even more holiday cheer.

So, you'll come then? I'd love to see you. Tasting is optional, but highly recommended.

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