Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rearview Mirror


As the holidays fade to warm, squishy memories I want to share a recap with you, before moving on to the business at hand for January (aka BEADS!).

It was a wonderful time, and we did everything I'd hope we would.

We got to see the icicles before they melted.

A number of things were ridden and/or jumped over:


I finished early one afternoon and enjoyed some great rinkside entertainment:


We had a multi-night marathon and got caught up on Season 4 of Dexter. Not to spoil it for you, but we were shocked at the season finale!


Bodie behaved well among the decorations and teetering elders at grandma's house:

I usually have to do a sweep before he charges in there, to relocate low lying food and breakable items. His tail is lethal that way, and he's not been one to pass up food that is offered at nose level.

The young Shred Meister showed some of his best videos to grandma:


You can see them too here, here, and here. I'm so proud of him, but some of these maneuvers make my heart skip a beat.

And now, onward into 2011! We got a mess of beads to make and show!


I'll be back atcha in a day or so with new bead photos. Promise.

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Snowcatcher said...

Yeehaw!!! Can't wait 'til I can go out and play in the snow! We had nine inches this week, and I couldn't even take pictures. So these were extremely yummy!


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