Thursday, February 10, 2011


Slowly I'm settling back in to my regular life, enjoying walks with our dog, doing laundry, shopping for groceries, doing paperwork. But I still haven't pored over my Tucson treasures...soon.

Prunus subcordata
Prunus subcordata, bursting into bloom everywhere

Almost all of my show things are back in their rightful places, and I'm thinking about the local art and bead shows I'll do this year. Not all are scheduled yet, and I need to coordinate things with family events.


Center stage in my mind is my next voyage, which is...Maui, coming right up next week. My mom is there every winter, and I love visiting her there where she is so full of joy and so relaxed, but it's been a few years. Looking forward to this certainly kept my body temperature from plunging even farther last week. It will be heaven to sip kona coffee with her on her lanai in the morning, watching for the whales that frolic against the rugged backdrop of Molokai. My friend Heidi has friends on the island who have a coffee plantation, and we may be able to visit them for a tour - that would be really nice. I'll also cook for us a little, and we'll visit with all of her friends there, take long brisk walks, sit by the sea wall and read or bead, visit Makawao for a massage, blow the conch as the sun sets, and have drinks and pupus on Friday night. There's also a glass studio and gallery in Lahaina I hope to visit. Yes, I'll be busy for sure, but I'll be incredibly relaxed when I return, and oh so deliciously warm.

The Friday night pupu party is an Event.

Probably no zipline for me this time.

I read on the website that shivering burns up to 400 calories per hour. That explains why many of my clothes are loose after my trip to Tucson. I spent at least 3 days shivering in the desert. Apparently this is a NEAT way to burn calories -- as in Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Right. And I thought I was just trying to survive.

As I go through the motions of re-assimilating into regular life, I keep recalling little snapshots from Tucson, and it's wonderful. One of these was a really fun but kind of freaky conversation with Andrew Thornton where he revealed that he recalled each and every interaction he's had with me over the last few years (and they are not many, but I was surprised he recalled). Another was meeting Jodie McDougall and feeling certain I've met her before, but can't figure out where. Was it at a class at Arrow Springs, maybe? Yet more were scoring a bead from Harold Cooney and trading with Andrew Brown. Also was the incredible honor of meeting Kate Drew Wilkinson and swooning when she actually picked up one of my beads and admired it. Another was being so caught up with the music and excitement at the Flameoff that Heidi and I were literally dancing in our seats. Another is the night before we came home, when Barnes gifted me with a girly University of Arizona ballcap bedazzled with red white and blue rhinestones. And on and on and on. No wonder I'm tired - my brain is bursting at the seams.

I'm aiming to list a few new pieces in my Etsy shop tomorrow, re-opened after a week's vacation. I'll be back with those. Meanwhile I'll leave you with one of the sexy sunsets I'll be seeing next week.

maui sunset


Barbara Lewis said...

I've never been to Hawaii, but you're a good travel agent for the place! I enjoyed all of your snippets of joy from Tucson ... it's amazing the connections you make with people at an event like that.

mairedodd said...

tucson just sounds like it was such a wonderful experience... and look, you even learned about neat calorie burning, who would have thought? enjoy maui - sounds wonderful... i was in your etsy shop and i love those earrings you made... was talking to my brother when he was here about where you live, he said it was quite beautiful...


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