Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DeLightful DeCoster!

Marcia DeCoster

Last evening was just...wonderful. I attended my first Northern California Bead Society meeting where Marcia DeCoster was the featured speaker, and she gave a wonderful talk. She had just wrapped up the new and enormously popular Beading by the Bay retreat in San Francisco, and BSNC was able to book her for the talk.

In addition to providing an entertaining timeline of her beading career, she spoke very comfortably and casually about developing core skills in beadweaving, how to structure your environment to foster creativity, the importance of reusable components, where to find inspiration and influences for your work, the notion of exploration, and capturing ideas as they are born.

Marcia DeCoster and Heather Trimlett necklace
A collaboration between Marcia DeCoster and Heather Trimlett

More Marcia Pretties
Some of the beaded eye candy Marcia brought.

As a newbie to the seed beading world it was fascinating to me to see her work in person (it is both richly complex and beautiful), and I can hardly imagine how some of her weaving patterns come to be. Having at least dipped my toes a little into the sead beady sea I was able to understand some of the terms she used, but many are still Greek to me. I was grateful to have done the little bit I have done, or I'm sure I would have been completely lost, yet still awed.

Marcia DeCoster necklace

Keep your eyes on her website this fall, when registration for 48 lucky beaders opens for next year's Beading by the Bay retreat, featuring instructors Sherry Serafini, Rachel Nelson-Smith, and Marcia.

Marcia DeCoster, Rachel Nelson-Smith, and Little Hoot
Marcia, Little Hoot, and Rachel.
Visit Marcia's blog to read the story about Little Hoot.

Coming soon...more pictures of the 3 hot chicks in my kitchen.


Deb said...

What a wonderful evening that would have been.

Now that is some serious beaded eye candy - oh my!! I can only imagine the patience those pieces must take since I ran out of said virtue approximately half way through my first twisted peyote spiraly project about half way through & it is stilling sitting in the UFO box staring balefully back at me 4 1/2 years down the track.....

Marcia has the most wonderful hair - I am so envious!!!

Snowcatcher said...

Holy moly, that's some incredible beadwork! I think my eyes got bigger than the pieces!!!


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