Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get Lucky on Etsy for St. Patty's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In honor of this holiday I'm having a little sale in my Etsy shop. Take 30% off any purchase in my shop, and it doesn't even have to be green. Sale is on now through Friday. Use coupon code GETLUCKY11 when you check out to receive your discount. Eiriin Go Brach! Click here to be magically transported to my Etsy shop.

I hope there's some corned beef or thick fermented beverage in your future today. Due to scheduling conflicts we had ours Monday and it was kil-LER. Me and my crock pot make a mean corned beef, and I've got an awesome way with Irish Whiskey glazed carrots. I love assuming the identify of another culture through food, if even for a day, and if only as experienced through my taste buds. It's like traveling without all the germs.

This is our neighbor Don, demonstrating his impeccable absinthe technique.

The plans for the chicken coop have been ordered and hopefully soon will arrive so we can begin buying materials and building. I've got two kinds of Asian greens planted, along with spring onions and snow peas, so the springtime gardening has begun too. How exciting! I hope your spring is at the very least showing signs of arriving, if not already there.

I'll just leave you with this shot of a little St. Patty's Day cleavage. If you can guess what Irish expression is represented in this photo, you win a free pair of hollow beads. I'll do a drawing if there's more than one person with the right answer, and winner will be announced on Saturday.


Deb said...

Happy St Patricks day Patty!!

Corned Beef! YUM!! Grew up with Corned Beef/Silverside as a staple - but despite my Mum's wonderful culinary skills the only way I can do it is in the crock pot. The only problem there is that I used my crock pot to house vermiculite & keep beads warm, so we no longer get corned beef because to try it any other way results in an epic fail!!

I never thought to question the origins of Corned Beef & always assumed that it was an English Dish.

Can't wait to watch your progress in building the chicken coop & those fluffy little bundles grow :)

Hmm the Irish expression;

"Is í ding di féin a scoileann an dair"

It is a wedge of itself that splits the oak.

Patty said...

Congratulations Deb! You are correct. I'll be in touch about your beads. :-)


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