Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh Yeah.

What's on your Must Do list this weekend? I need to finish tax prep (yeah, yeah, yeah), continue with the decluttering, and am totally looking forward to seeing some friends who moved up to Half Moon Bay to live in an incredible house that they designed and built themselves. Bodie will get some playtime with two poodles - what lab could ask for more? But if there's time, if my tax man gives me a kitchen pass, I'd sure like to see a little of the Santa Cruz PaddleFest kayaking competition going on this weekend. We're having stormy weather this weekend and the ocean is crazy, so the waves should make it challenging.

Some friends are pulling safety and rescue boat duty (no easy feat given that the Santa Cruz Harbor has been closed for salvage operations since the tsunami) or else the PaddleFest might not have appeared on my radar. Isn't it a great trailer? I am the ultimate armchair aficionado of extreme sports - I could watch Warren Miller films for hours and am energized by their fearlessness and the great soundtracks. I love how they took this video using a helmet cam. Suhweet!

I'm sure that Sion Milosky will be on everyone's mind. What a tragedy. Rest in peace, Sion. The local waters have taken far too many.


Barbara Lewis said...

Have a great weekend and be safe. That home is absolutely amazing ... talk about delayed gratification! :-)

kate mckinnon said...

I was really sad to read about Sion's death.

Deb said...

Your friends house is my dream home!!
I'd love to see that in reality - the design is superb, kind of a Tuscan Villa with a hint of Spanish.
Mediterranean style & themes rock my world!lol!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend...& that you get to see the Kayaking comps :)


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