Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shop Talk Wednesday

Here's what's been going on this week at our house. The sawdust has been flying!

Recycled lumber
Recycled lumber.

People door
People door.

Chicken door
Chicken door.

Vintage drill took one for the team
Vintage drill took one for the team. RIP.

Vinyl flooring remnant
Vinyl remnant. I wanted something more dramatic (e.g. black and white squares), but the price was unbeatable on this.

Cut by cut, screw by screw, it's coming together. We've re-purposed some old 2x4s we found underneath the shop outside, and some redwood stakes given to us by a friend, and the modular home-style construction job is almost done. It's somewhat over-specified for the inhabitants, and may even be standing after our own home has fallen down, but it's going to be secure from predators and will look good. My jobs included sanding, screwing structural 2x4s to the siding, framing openings, and putting the doors together. My husband tackled the trickier bits of building the nesting box assembly and interpreting the "architect's" intent in the sometimes vague plans.

Next step are details like wire-mesh guarded ventilation holes and interior paint, and we'll be almost ready to erect the walls on site. We still need to buy roofing material and a few bits of hardware, and build the chicken ramp, along with finish enclosing the dog run where the coop will go.

It won't be long before the girls move out of the dining room and into their new digs outside. We'll all be thrilled, especially our dog, who has definitely been neglected during our building frenzy.

Hopefully, it will turn out as nicely as this:

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Wearable Metal Art with Fran and Jerry said...

Wow, that is some chicken coop.
The babes should be very happy. Are you going to let them scratch in the yard for bugs and worms like normal chickens?
Your hubby is a real sport to help you put this together.
With all the sunshine and warmer weather everyone will be happier outside.hugs, fran


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