Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update: Rain, waves, wind, and something sweet in the mail

Rain is in our daily diet for the foreseeable future.

Weeelll, didn't quite make it to the PaddleFest, but I read that most events were canceled due to the horrible wind and wave conditions, but that's never been known to stop my intrepid friend, who went out on the water anyway. Apparently it's the worst conditions they've seen in 20 years for this event.


But progress has been made in other areas. First, I'm proud to say that I'm within a stone's throw of being done with my tax preparation. Woot! Every year around this time it's hair pulling, frustration and vows of more regular attention to paperwork, but it doesn't seem to change very much. There's been a little progress from year to year, but you know what I hate the most? Keeping track of my (ever-growing) inventory of "parts" - headpins, ear wires, wire, gemstone beads, pearls, sterling silver beads, copper components, fiber, and on and on. It just drives me NUTS. If anyone has a good system they use (be it procedural, software tools, etc.), I'm all ears. I've read this web page with some interest, and am definitely going to try the "IN/OUT" card method with my wire. Seems easy enough, right? Anyway, do share your secrets if you have them, or feel free to bitch and moan along with me if I'm not alone in this yearly meltdown.

We had a great time with our friends in Half Moon Bay, and as expected, the storm was in full force while we were there. There was tasty, beautiful food, lively conversation, and even singing and dancing! From my dinner chair I watched their ocean-facing window bow in and out with the rainy gusts, and we thought we heard thunder a couple of times. We were just getting into some swing dancing in the living room, singing along with the iPhone Glee karaoke app and listening to Patricia sing and play her guitar when we heard another loud noise, but this one kind of shook the house. However, it wasn't thunder, it was a very large tree limb crashing down on their tile roof, and it unfortunately took out quite a few tiles when it hit.

Ouch. Gonna be some work to repair this.

And guess what came in the mail the other day? All the way from Japan, no less, where the ISGB Perspectives exhibit had a stop. My bead entitled "Beacon" was fortunate to have been chosen for this exhibit.

How exciting to see this in our mailbox!

Japanese glasswork magazine

"Beacon" focal in Lammaga Japanese glass magazine
What wonderful company I keep! One day, both my first and last names
will be spelled correctly in the same place. One day... :-)

Have yourself a knockout start to the week.


mairedodd said...

congratulations! and i have to smile about the name - i cannot tell you how many variations of maire and mary jane i have been exposed to! :0) must be very exciting to have a piece in that exhibit - isn't your collaboration piece in/going to be in/was in japan as well?

Patty said...

Thank you MJ. :-) Yes, it was exciting to be in Perspectives for a very long time. The exhibit just kept adding new venues, and before we knew it our beads were off to Japan! And now the magazine too, which is wonderful. Yes, interestingly, the same thing is going on with Convergence II - the exhibit added a stop in Kobe to the list, but I'm not sure when it will be there (or maybe already there). FWIW my Perspectives bead "Beacon" is home to roost once again. :-)


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