Friday, March 25, 2011

What a Find!

Okaaaaay, putting that last morbid post behind me, here's one that could have fit Andrew's theme - my find from the furniture consignment store.

I've been casually looking for a piece of furniture for a few years now, to replace a makeshift one we were using that wasn't very grown up. I guess the name of such a piece would be a sideboard, or console of sorts. It's to hold a small wine rack and cookbooks, all of which I wanted closed up behind doors, to minimize visual clutter. It fits beneath a window that has a crank opener that sticks out, so it had to be below a certain height, and the width was also constrained to allow it to fit in a certain spot.

Cabinet as found
Cabinet "as found", with ill-fitting "faux slate" top. Slate is cheap - why would anyone want to make "fake" slate? I'd like to replace or transform the doors somehow, someday.

I finally found one that's at least an upgrade from what we had, and the price tag was too good to be true - $49. It had a faux slate inlaid top, but it wasn't glued in so it could be replaced. And a drawer inside. And casters. And while not solid oak, it's solidly constructed and in very good shape. How cool to be able to just roll it aside to clean underneath and behind! I had Sterling (my local favorite stone guy) cut up a scrap of green quartz from his yard to fit the top, for only $40. He and his small crew do great work with leftover stone from larger jobs, and the cost can't be beat. This whole piece cost less than $90, and if I want to change the stone at some point I could easily go on a treasure hunt in Sterling's scrapyard and still be ahead of the game.

Cabinet transformed
Cabinet with new top.

Quartz cabinet top
Unfortunately this flash photo fails to convey the loveliness of the green quartz top. Sterling did a great job beveling the edges, and the fit is perfect.

The new piece didn't hold as much as the former one, so I was happy to find a taker for several years' worth of Kitchen Gardener and Fine Gardening magazines through my local Freecycle group.

Let the spring decluttering begin! Any spring spruce-ups on your plate? This weekend we begin the coop construction. Ideally we'll knock it out in a couple of days, but we'll see how it goes. I can't wait to pick out the linoleum remnant for the inside! The girls are growing like weeds and look like geeky adolescents as their feathers push the baby down out. I think some portraits are in order for this weekend.

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Manuela said...

That is one great piece and you did a wonderful job.
Some years ago I was looking for every piece that smiled to me at our consigments and not only furniture .. but we have such a small house and now I had to part with all that founds ☺.

Wish you a wonderful spring time, love your blog,
xxxoxox Manuela


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