Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Breathtaking Fun at 6700 feet

Hike In
An invigorating altitude gain of over 1000' to the top, in a few miles.

At the peak
Our cozy mountain hut buried in snow (foreground), with a chute for entry
(it's the hole to the right of the backpack).
Outhouse (the one with the vent stack) had only 3' of snow blocking the door.

Digging In
Turning a chute into a staircase.

Warmth and delightful company, liar's dice, Eucher, and Jenga.

Nili's amazing eggs benedict. I could not bear to remove the color from this one.
And the thai ribs were out of this world.

Snowed in
New snow overnight.
My husband is brilliant for putting the shoes upright before bed.

Hike Out
Hiking out in splendid beauty, feeling almost weightless.


Barbara Lewis said...

OMG! You are quite the athlete! Beautiful photos. I love it when you can go to a place where time slows to a crawl. I loved that about camping. It took so long to do everything that you could actually hear yourself think.

Patty said...

What a fitting observation about time, Barbara. It took me an hour to wash those eggs benedict dishes, starting with melting the snow and finishing with finding a place to dispose of the wash water (no plumbing). But it was somehow meditative.

mairedodd said...

that is staggeringly beautiful...i too am really so in awe of the sportswoman you are... incredibly well rounded and so grounded... thank you for sharing this -

rosebud101 said...

Wow! Patty, you really like to rough it! You are good. Glad you had a great time!


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