Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gittin er Done

Custom Meanie ring

I'm making some progress here! Now that the girls are all settled into their own quarters I'm beginning to see some progress in other tasks on my list, even with a steady stream of weekend guests for the last three weekends. I've finished a custom bead order, shipping tomorrow, and finished this lovely Meanie ring as a belated Christmas gift for a friend. I wish Meanies grew on bushes - how fun it would be to go outside and gather a bunch!

Custom Meanie ring

Cyndie does such wonderful work with this ring setting, don't you think? I just love it, and it's super comfortable to wear too.

Custom Meanie ring

I've also finished a little repair job on some friend's earrings (soldering a very tiny catch), and am very pleased that I didn't melt them into a blob. The catch even works pretty well now.

Ranch fencing for glass storage

I'm also trying to get some order in my torching area, and glass storage is a big issue. When I first started torching I used far less glass, and the system of 2" PVC pipes I used to organize it just isn't large enough any more. I really liked the system that Lori Greenberg described in this blog post, but until recently had not been able to identify any local sources for what I learned is called "ribbed rail fencing". Until last week. I found a source and bought 2-16' lengths, and cut them down into 12" lengths. While the sections aren't the same size, I think it will work just fine as there are some colors I like to keep more of than others. Now I'm on the hunt at and Craigslist to find a cabinet with doors (ideally glass) to hold these sections - I want my glass to stay free of dust and rodentia.

The spring garden is also coming along, with pruning and clean up of gopher snack remnants (they love the roots of bronze sedge, BTW), first batch of potatoes planted, along with radishes, cucumbers, onions, basil and beets. After a little web research I'm leaning more toward a potato bag than a potato tower, but I'm hedging my bets and putting some in big black pots too. Now if the sun would just do her part and make herself a more regular part of our days up here I'd be happier.

It's a small start, and I'm hoping for more torch time in the next few weeks. It's been too long.


mairedodd said...

a small start? i see lots of progress and things that make you truly feel better... like the pieces for your friends... your glass organization which facilitates your ability to work... and other things on your list... you and cyndie are an incredible team!

Bobbie Pene said...

That is one gorgeous ring - I love it!

Snowcatcher said...

I'm with Bobbie. That ring is wonderful!

Catching up really is fun! And then you can do what you want!!!

Sharon Driscoll said...

You know how I LOVE your Meanies - The ring is fabulous Patty. And the Great Chicken Adventure is just too much fun. Roosters ? - Are you going to get one for the "girls"? Now I'm laughing - it's weird, I know - - - -

Patty said...

Sharon - No roosters! Our neighbors had one (seemed like a dozen) for several years and I've had my fill for a while. Maybe someday.


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