Friday, April 15, 2011

She's my little blue coop...

It's done! Totally done. OK, maybe not totally, but we just have to actually attach the roof, but we've decided to make it a removable roof so we're going to crank it down using turnbuckles. Someday we'll figure out why we thought this was such a great idea, but today we're just going with our intuition. But the SunTop and drip edge are finished on the roof.

So here it is, our completed home for our three Lakinsmith Laying Squad Ladies:

VIP entrance. Note the stylish staircase, courtesy of yours truly, made from recycled OSB siding and some odd wood I found lying around.

Completed coop, "housekeeping" entrance
Servant's entrance.

Ramp and chicken entrance

You can see the new nipple watering system I'm trying out just inside the door. I'm thrilled to report that within 30 minutes of hanging a test bottle with the nipple (thank you, Schweppes) on it, all three girls were using it! I wasn't sure how to hang it, so I cut a small hole in the toe of some old pantyhose and Bob's your uncle, it was done. If this works out I have a larger scale design ready to go using 4" PVC pipe. Won't be using pantyhose for that one, I'm afraid.

Nipple waterer

The girls have fared well this week for 3 nights on their own in the coop. It was cold, but we've got a light in there at night and it's working out ok. At least I haven't found them frozen solid to their perch in the morning.

They seem a little scared to be out there, however, and want to stay inside most of the time. I visit a few times a day and they come out, and I'm putting their food and regular waterer out there during the day as a lure to get them out for some fresh air.

Dining al fresco
Food just tastes better outside, don't you think?

What's that noise??!?!
I have learned that a good way to get them to pose for a picture is to make a strange sound. That war cry that Xena, Warrior Princess used to do is what got me this great shot.

Anyway, the weekend is here, friends are coming, the weather is getting nicer and nicer, and we're off to the flea market tomorrow to get into some trouble.


Sally Anderson said...

Chicken castle is so impressive. You all are very creative and clever and handy. The chicks are so big now. I've loved reading the saga!

Snowcatcher said...

I can't believe how fast they've grown! Although I should know better. That little coop is great! Makes me believe I could do this one day!!! In the meantime, it's sure fun watching them grow up and move outside on your blog!

Jodie said...

Nice digs!!


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