Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Delicious Agony


It's hard to complain about the eternal cold and rain we're having when it creates such breathless beauty. I hope you enjoy a bit of the magic it made for me today. Looks like the magic will continue for another week. Click the photos to see the full sized versions from my Flickr account, along with a few notes about the plants.

Cotinus Coggygria

Lacecap Hydrangea

Just Joey Rose






Peace Rose


Snowcatcher said...

I tried commenting on these when you first posted them, but I got stuck in an eternal loop, log in, then select a profile, then log in, then select a profile...

Glad it finally works again! These pictures are astounding. I love the water droplets on the petals! Makes them look almost crystalized!

Patty said...

Deb - you're not alone in having problems with that infinite loop. I'm hoping it's fixed now. Thanks for the kind words - think what the photos could be like if I had a REAL camera. ;-) Better yet, YOUR camera and eye for shots.


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