Friday, June 3, 2011

Baja Sand and Sky

We didn't get to go to Baja this year as we normally do. Too many schedule conflicts. But in these last (hopefully) throes of winter (yes, it's true, it is like WINTER here still with a fierce winter-style storm due to hit tonight) I'm dreaming even more of the soft Sea of Cortez breezes, the incredible water, and the starkly beautiful coast.

I captured my dreams in this special piece, an asymmetric, convertible necklace featuring my own handmade lampwork beads, hand-forged and antiqued brass findings, and some snakeskin jasper that will knock your socks off. The greener stones in my gemstone strand went toward my last piece, but the ones dipped in a beautiful Sea of Cortez hue were saved for this one.

Baja Sand and Sky Necklace
It's here, in my Etsy shop. This is how it looks with two strands in front (see last photo for another way to wear it).

Baja Sand and Sky Necklace
The etched ivory spacers in my beaded links reflect the many dichotomies we find in our desert paradise.

Baja Sand and Sky Necklace
I really love making these brass components, and have fallen in love with the rich look they have after patina.

Baja Sand and Sky Necklace
Memories captured in bubbles.

Baja Sand and Sky Necklace
Here's another way it can be worn, with 3 strands in the front. I think a girl should have a choice about things like this, yes?


SilverNikNats said...

A really beautiful piece! I love how the colors go so nicely with the brass!

Bobbie Pene said...

That is a stunning eclectic piece of jewelry.....I love it :)

Shyme said...

What a beautiful necklace and Wonderful lampwork beads!!

Izzy said...

Love, love, love snakeskin jasper and boy, do I LOVE this necklace. Beautiful!

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Holy Moley Patty - I love what you are doing with the brass. This necklace was well thought out and it shows it without being "tight" and non-artsy. Way to go!

Walk in the Woods said...

Yes, choices are vital … especially such beautiful choices! Enjoy the coming of winter … as I enjoy the coming of summer. :)


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