Thursday, June 30, 2011


As I write this my mom is within a few hours of arriving for a summer visit, and I can't contain myself!  The house is as clean as it's going to be, her bed is made and little bouquets of freshly cut flowers from the garden are scattered about, and the fountain in the front yard is gurgling again.  I'm so grateful for her energy, her loving friendship, and her willingness to travel, and I really enjoy preparing for her visits, anticipating our time together, and making things pretty.  She's excited to escape the awful Memphis heat, to meet her new grand-chickens and kiss her grand-dog, and find out what's in store for her week in the mountains.

What's in bloom in my garden:  lacecap hydrangea, feverfew, Shasta daisies, my favorite old shrub rose, and the most precious peachy-lavender wallflower you've ever seen.  

Some time ago she suggested that we tackle a project together when she comes, kind of like her own parents used to do when they visited.  In the last couple of years we've accomplished two of these - removing the wallpaper and painting in our bedroom, and converting some curtains into a table skirt for my bead shows.  Of course, we always manage to fit in some fun as well, like hiking, sightseeing, or dinner with friends.

Guest soap from Renee, in one of her own dishes.

She doesn't know it yet, but this summer's project is to refinish a loveseat and coffee table that her father built for a lake cottage they used to have in Northern Michigan.  It's seen far too much weather without proper protection, and needs some TLC.  I've found some cushions to replace the makeshift ones I made from an old futon, and have some weatherproof stain.  I wanted to paint the wood but my husband lobbied heavily for stain, so we'll give it a go.  It's just pine, so it probably doesn't matter.  I wish that Lowe's had a bigger selection of fabric for their cushions, but the price wasn't bad.

The Project.

I'll keep you posted as the project progresses!  I'm off to fluff more pillows, and to resist the temptation to wash windows.  She would understand, don't you think?


Softflexgirl said...

I am smiling for you!

Sally Anderson said...

I used to feel like this before my mom would come for a visit. She died many years ago and this blog post just brought me the nicest memory. Thank you. Moms are the BEST! I miss mine every day.

rosebud101 said...

Treasure this time! Woooooohoooooo!

Cyndie Smith Designs said...

Lucky you! The time with your mom is precious. And aren't you sweet to go to all that trouble to make sure she's comfortable and feeling at home! Can't wait to see how the bench turns out! Have fun!

lomaprietapottery said...

Say hi to mom for me! Tell her she can come visit me if she wants, but guess that won't help her to escape the heat!


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