Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reflections of a pretty girl

At Kate's suggestion I put a mirror out in the girls' run, and as she predicted they were drawn to it. One in particular, Princess Laya.

Posture, Posture!
Here she is, standing proud and pretty.

Do these feathers make me look fat?
She is just fascinated with herself!

Chica Loca pretends the mirror isn't there
Chica Loca couldn't be bothered.

Practicing my runway walk
Here she is practicing her runway walk.

Ahhh....I could look at myself all day.
She's very enamoured with that girl in the mirror!

Where did that cute chicken go?
And this, this made me smile. There is more to that bird brain than you'd think.

Happy Wednesday! Stay cool... We're hot and I'm loving it.


kate mckinnon said...


TesoriTrovati said...

Princess Laya!? You slay me, Patty! I love it! And that chick is one smart cookie... looking behind there to see who is there. Too funny!
Enjoy the day!

Jenni said...

Fabulous name for a chook and what a smart one at that! So it!

Jane Perala said...

Oh, that is priceless!

Holly said... I love it! Who knew they'd be enamoured of a mirror!

(and the desire for chickens grows even more.)

Sharon Driscoll said...

OMG - who'd of thunk it! The one looking around the mirror is absolutely priceless. So - where is hen bead hung in front of a bezel set mirror? Think about the possible titles..."Mirror mirror in the coop...who's the biggest whoop-dee-doop?" Laya, that's who! There have GOT to be more...

Patty said...

Sharon, you're a hoot. Haven't tried any chicken beads, but I'm sure it's a thought lurking inside every chicken-lovin' bead maker's mind.


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