Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still basking...

Come on in! 

I'm just reaching room temperature after basking in a glow of wonderfulness from my show weekend at Bargetto Winery.  Not only did my last minute jewelry making efforts meet with pleasing results, I managed to get myself and my booth together without incident.  As it always is, the days at the show are just dreamy, and I love catching up with my artist friends and seeing what they've been up to.

James Kachler Pottery
The impish grin reveals his playful nature.

I was fortunate to have a booth next to Jim Kachler and his lady Debbie, who kept things lively.  Jim, a self-proclaimed psychoceramacist, makes some mighty amazing functional pottery, and he had the nerve to hang a particularly exceptionally engineered birdbath just a few feet from my booth, and before the show was done I had staked my claim.  It's exquisitely fine craftsmanship, and I know my birdies are going to prefer it to the old lasagna pan.

James Kachler Pottery birdbath
Jim's incredible birdbath.  The one I bought has a sky blue glaze on the inside, perfect for luring birds and reflecting the sky.  Can you believe the work he did on the hanging mechanism?  It's all copper, and built to last.

I was also blessed that Kate McKinnon came by for a visit while on her recent trip to Monterey, and she brought friends along.  I finally got to meet Ann Wasserman, a beautiful and gifted local glass and jewelry artist whose name I had seen on the Santa Cruz Open Studio tour.  We're hoping to get together one day for some studio fun, or maybe a visit to see her friend Wayne Robbins.  I would love that!  Kate wrote about her wonderful weekend getaway here - it sounds like a very relaxing time.

I was happy to see some other local glassy friends at the show as well - Heather Richman and Sally Wood from the Crafty Fox Glass Studio, who had a knockout booth filled with amazing work.  Heather's colorful fused plates were very tempting at the front of her booth. I'd link to their site but it appears to be horribly broken.  It was also very nice to see Alena Byrnes again, whose work is almost too beautiful too behold, and Jerry and Fran, and Carolyn Woodward with her very wearable tie dye.  Despite having just flown across country returning from a business trip, my husband made the drive down and we had dinner one night with Jerry and Fran.  Who knew Watsonville had a decent Chinese restaurant?

Newest Booth
My latest booth layout.  It's an evolving work in progress. 

On my list of things to do before my next outdoor show is to add a few slivers of fabric to my @#$% canopy walls.  Seems when you buy these at Costco they are just a little too short to go all the way around, causing much cursing and gnashing of teeth when it's time to button up the booth.  I've known this ever since I bought the canopy years ago, but it didn't fully dawn on me that I had the power (a machine that sews!) to fix this.  And fix I will, along with the velcro that's ripping off, and the torn zippers.

Packed up
I was lucky to get the truck for the set-up trip, but had to fit everything in my Prius for the ride home.  There was no rom to spare.

So, it's back to work for me.  I hope your weekend was fun.


Jane Perala said...

Your booth looks great!
I solved the problem of the too tight curtains by zippering them up "inside" the corner posts and putting the velcro around the posts on the outside. Hope that makes sense. I also added more velcro to the sides and it is really secure that way.

Patty said...

Jane, what a great idea! I'm guessing since the velcro is on the inside of the wall panels that I need to flip them around so the velcro is outside. That's just brilliant! Thank you!

Snowcatcher said...

Almost makes me feel as if I got to attend in person! Can't wait to see your new bird bath in action!!

Pretty Things said...

I hope the heat hasn't been too bad, and I know your sales are going to be GREAT!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Nice booth Patty - but don't you hate lugging those grid panels around? We used those for my husbands booth for most of the 20+ years - We had thirteen of them. They sure help keep things steady though. I sewed panels for the back of them - hooked them on with velcro tabs and ran lighter (think sheer curtain material) between them with elastic to filter light, let a breeze come through, and block other booths. Get out that sewing machine - considering the chicken coop I'm thinking you'll do great!

Patty said...

Sharon, you are *so* right about the grid panels! They *are* heavy, and I only have 4 of them. I can't imagine 13.


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