Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yes! We Have an Egg!

We're a little stunned but overjoyed around here - at only 4 1/2 months of age Chica Loca has laid her first egg!  Sound the horns and break out the champagne!  This morning as I got out of the shower I heard her squawking in a way I'd not heard before, so I threw on my robe and checked the nest boxes.  She wasn't in there, but had taken the messy pile of straw I'd stuffed in there a couple of weeks ago (somehow I must have known) and woven it into a beautiful nest.  "It's time, it's time!", I shouted to my husband, much like the woman going into labor screams to her man.

First she started with the box on the right, and then she went out for a stroll in the run and returned to do the same with the box on the left.  We were preparing to drive a ways to attend a lovely brunch with friends (a delightful mix of art and science and baseball and I'll tell you all about it soon), and as we left she was sitting in the nest but no egg.  I've been thinking about her the whole time we were away, and literally raced from the car to the coop when we got home.

When I opened the nest box there it was.  Her very first egg, and much bigger than I expected - I was told that first eggs can be quite small but this was as big as the small to medium eggs from the store.  It's rather oblong and very light blue - Chica is the Ameraucana and those are known for their colorful blue and green eggs.  She was out roaming around the coop and didn't seem any worse for the wear, and what impressed me the most was the way she just knew what to do. 

We're so proud around here we could just burst!  I'm thinking maybe, just maybe this has something to do with the odd sleeping behavior lately, but who knows.  All I know is I need to get some of the laying feed now - the plan was to transition them to it in about a month, but clearly the time is now.


Sally Anderson said...

Congratulations! I love your explanation of how you knew but I think it's actually that you're the hen whisperer!

MaCarroll Beads said...

YAY! Chica Loca! You go, girl!!!

Deb said...

Congratulations chicky!! Or should that be chicky grandma? ;)

The eggs sound amazing colourwise!

You know Patty - what made me smile is where you said you were amazed that she just knew what to do. I often marvel at the animal world & am somewhat envious that they are just allowed to follow their instincts.
For all that the health professionals would have us believe otherwise - human Mommy's know exactly what to do at that time too ;)

rosebud101 said...

Now, How cool is that, Patty!!!! You're a proud egg mommy! Good for our girl! Enjoy your egg!

kate mckinnon said...


SummersStudio said...


beth said...

i know how exciting this is as my sister has a coop with 5 chickens and they have fresh eggs now everyday....who knew something like warm eggs straight from the coop could be so much fun :)

Patty said...

Beth - Yes! I had no idea. Ask me 5 years ago if this was in my future, and I'd have probably said, "No way! Too smelly, too much work, what's the point?" Life with chickens is good. :-)


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