Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yeah, this one's for you.

Bursting heart necklace by Artesserae, on Etsy.  This San Francisco-based artist does some really cool work - check out her pomegranate pieces.

My heart is just bursting with love.  I have been in a cave of self-imposed exile for some time now, mostly disconnected from all of my normal social feeds, not writing like I normally do, just trying to figure out this crazy train ride called "life", and my space has been rather empty and echo-ey.  I had a birthday yesterday and much to my surprise it was just amazing, filled with all kinds of love that caught me by surprise, since it was a regular work day (a full one, at that) and my husband was out of town.  Four different people or groups sang happy birthday to me, and tons of wonderful peeps from all over the world sent greetings through Facebook (the birthday feature is amazingly one of the best things about that site), email, and the phone, and more than one card I received brought tears to my eyes.  Much to my delight, friends I had not heard from in years reached out, and ones I see more often left me small gifts on my doorstep.  It was unbelievably sweet from the moment I opened my eyes until they fell shut late last night.

Mother nature reached out too, by presenting me with the biggest, most perfect harvest moon ever, an owl silhouetted on a wire, spectacular morning fog blankets in the seaside farm fields, and a quick glimpse of a fleeing coyote or mountain lion just outside the range of my headlights as I drove on our road last night.  The moon caught me by surprise in a big way, and I actually heard myself say "Thank you, God" when I saw it.  Yes, this Pastafarian said that, and I was more surprised than anyone.  I wouldn't hold my breath on that one happening again, but I found it very interesting.

 So, thank you, friends, for the love that you show in so many wonderful ways. I am looking forward to some long overdue studio time this weekend, and to more birthday celebrations with my fellow Librans.  And possibly a photo shoot with chickens.  What could be better than that?  

Hugs and kisses ring from California artist SmilingSilverSmith, on Etsy.


Boline said...

Happy Birthday!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, your blog and your lovely birthday experience :)

All the best,

-- Boline aka Artesserae

kate mckinnon said...

Hey, that makes me really happy. I love it that you are feeling this.

And yes to the chickens. Big yes.

SummersStudio said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to you. Isn't it wonderful when life presents us with unanticipated gifts?

Snowcatcher said...

Sorry I'm late to the party. I don't get on Facebook often, so I don't see the birthdays, darn it.

Happy belated birthday, and what a wonderful way to celebrate! With the full moon, the owl, the coyote... and the husband and chickens, of course!

Hope happier days keep coming your way!

mairedodd said...

life seems to be balanced - so all that is coming to you is merely that which is coming around... so incredibly happy to hear that you day was overflowing with goodness!


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