Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Revamped necklace displays

This garden statue made a great photo op for this necklace, but it's very heavy to lug around.  I may still use it though, as it's really stunning (when she's not face down in the garden, poor girl, knocked over by an emerging gopher).

It's showtime again for me, and once again I'm spending almost as much time on my props and display ideas as I am on my jewelry. It's such a fun challenge to create a physical storefront that's cohesive with your jewelry brand, yet easy to carry around and set up / break down, and not too hard on the budget.  I like challenges like this, but unfortunately it's meant a lot of changes as I move forward from show to show.

 Sights like this fascinate me when I walk in the woods. 

Anyway, this time I'm moving toward more natural displays.  I was inspired by Kathy Frey's similar journey, and realized that most of my pieces also reflect the natural surroundings in which I create, so why not display them among the natural objects that inspire them?  Wood, water, moss and stone are the things that tend to capture my eye when hiking, and I think my jewelry looks right at home among those elements. 

The first thing I had to fix was my necklace busts.  They're functional, but oh so common, and oh so boring.  These things can be expensive, so I decided to just give mine a facelift.  I've got a mix of natural fiber (with water stains) and black leatherette busts and both need some work.  I decided to take a decoupage approach with the fiber busts, and threw all care to the wind and got out my Mod Podge and tissue paper.  I figured they couldn't look worse than they already did, so why not?  These photos show the busts with only 1 or 2 layers of tissue - I've only gotten started and more layers will be added.  I kind of like the look of the fabric texture showing through the tissue paper, but I can still make out some stains so I'll add another layer or two, and then a sealer when I'm done.

 Original vinyl bust on the left, fabric covered bust on the right with a couple of layers of decoupage.

Need some more layers on this one.
I've hated the black leatherette (let's just get it out there - they're VINYL:  eeew) busts for some time now.  When I first started out I used mostly black display props, but now I'm convinced that lighter is better with my jewelry, especially as I use more antiqued brass versus silver.  For this bust I first did a few layers of crinkled tissue paper mache, and let it dry overnight.  This gave the spray on coating a little something to cling to, a primer.  Then I took some of the spray-on faux stone paint and gave it a few coats as well.  I think this is going to look just great among the other elements.

 Faux stone spray paint.  Brilliant.

I'll be doing the Sacramento Arts Festival this weekend, November 4, 5, and 6 at the Convention Center, so if you're in the area, please do stop on by and check out my new displays.  Just give them my name and they'll put you on my guest list, and you can enter for no charge.  I'll post pictures next week of how it all comes together.  There's lots more changes afoot and I can't wait to see how it all turns out.


SummersStudio said...

Nice change up on the display busts.

Snowcatcher said...

I really like the faux stone! I agree lighter truly might be better for your jewelry. But I like black, too.

Wish I lived close enough to stop by your show!

Deb said...

They look great Patty! What fabulous make-overs you have given them :)
I've always loathed the black vinyl busts & only ever bought one years ago to photograph on - then never used it as I didn't like the result. Didn't like the white fabric any better for my jewelry when I tried them. For my beads I frequently turned to driftwood as a backdrop - the subtle worn pale grey/browns just seemed to suit them.
So it was an easy choice when I started doing the markets here in Aussie to go with some beautiful slabs of Camphor Laurel timber I'd seen for sale & improvise with them for both jewelry & bead displays.But not before I bought a slab of hebel stone to carve into something to use as a display... that poor slab is still sitting there waiting.lol!


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