Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sacramento Arts Festival *Update!*

Oh my God!  What has happened to my brain?  How could I forget...one of the most beautiful moments during the show was when I met 11 year old glassblowing phenom Theoren Hanks!  His mom reached me on Facebook and said he wanted to meet me, and fortunately this show was in their area.  What an amazing young man, and how wonderful it is that his parents are helping to encourage his artistic development.  Though I believe he's more smitten with glassblowing than lampwork, I hope to have a chance to sit next to him at the torch some day.

*     *     *

I just wanted to let you know how awesome the Sacramento Arts Festival was (again) this year, and share a few images.  Our booths were rearranged a bit as we were in a different hall than usual, so I got to meet some new neighbors.  Cerri from Crow's Feet Folk Art dressed the part every day, and her personality was as awesome as her art.

 Thank you for loaning me your wire cutters, Cerri!

Brad Henry pottery was my other neighbor and I got to look at his awesome surfboard shaped platters all day long for three days.  His work was fresh and fun.

 See that terra cotta and green one, fourth from the left?  One day I hope to own it.

I was lucky to be situated on the end of a row, probably about 15 yards from some of the best Gyros ever, and was fairly close to the stage.  The bad news was that I was so busy during the show I seldom had a chance to eat, and occasionally GG Amos played so loud that I couldn't talk to my customers very easily.  But I loved seeing them perform, and I loved how Warren booked back to back entertainment for all three days.  It's not just a show, it's a partay.

GG was dressed to kill on Saturday.
I found out just before the show that one of my new favorite artists, Kathy Frey was going to be in the show as well.  Woot!  I enjoyed several conversations with her, and told her that she had inspired by latest booth makeover.  She has moved on from the woodsy theme that inspired me to a clean look that suits her work very well.  I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures of her in her very smart looking booth. 

It was lovely seeing some of my customers from prior years return, as well as friends and extended family in the area.  It was also nice to see fellow flameworkers Rita Forman, Adi Braeman, and Harlan Simon again this year, even if I didn't have much time to visit.  It's people like this that made the 3 days on my feet worthwhile.  Next time I need to remember:  a chef's mat to stand on (my two layers of carpeting didn't cut it, and I gave my rubber interlocking floor tiles to my customers outside the booth). Visit the Love My Art Jewelry blog on Tuesday for an entire post on booth flooring.

My tabletop makeover worked pretty well, but I could have used more lighting.  I was really happy with the way my necklace busts turned out, as well as the bamboo runners, and LED lighted branches.

See you next year, Sacramento!  Thank you for supporting the arts, and thank you for a wonderful time.

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