Monday, June 4, 2012


There's been a lot going on around here this spring!  Holiday brunches, family visits, hiking, salmon fishing and crabbing, outdoor tidying and gardening.  Not so much glass melting, but that's soon to change since I've gotten moved into my new work space.  Other than improving the storage situation in there and tidying up a bit, I'm ready for visitors.  I'll be sneaking some photos in here soon, when the sun comes out, and gearing up for some giveaways.

We're having an unusual rainy start to June here and it's just yuckky grey out there.  In one of my first creative acts in there recently I discovered that the sun streams into the skylights at just the right time of day to take some amazing photos right on my work table.  After precariously balancing my photo cube on the deck railing every time I needed a photo, or hustling around to find alternative spots of light in our partly shaded yard this is music to my ears.

My mother in law just turned 89 over the weekend, and at her request I made her this bracelet using some of my own beads, combined with some cut glass, stichtite, and sterling silver beads.  It's sassy, sparkly, fun and different, just like she is, and it was wonderful to be with her in person to see her face light up when she saw it.  I thought she would appreciate the elastic, since she could put it on herself.  With the recent death of her husband she's transitioning to the next stage of life in an out of state assisted living facility, and having to say goodbye to belongings, routines, and friends that she's had for decades.  It's got to be horribly hard to do this, and I admire her courage.

Sybil's new bracelet.

Mom spent a week here with us recently and as usual, we tackled some projects together.  The biggest one was to repair and spiff up the housing that shields our water pump system from the elements.  It was built from plywood, and aside from a missing lid, was in pretty good shape.  We painted the base, and used leftover Suntop style roofing for the lid - the remnants from my glass rod storage cabinet project last year.  There's OSB under the plastic so it may not last a season, but it's better than nothing and cost almost that as well.  I swear, I think we got as much paint on the dog as anywhere else - he just has to be in the middle of things.

New pump housing.  It's so satisfying to use remnants.

Later this week I'll share a little tutorial on how to turn a laundry tub and vanity into a dry sink.  My new workshop is not plumbed, and one of my goals was to stop cleaning beads in the house.  It turned out great!


mairedodd said...

so nice to see you! and what a beautiful gift for sybil... huge changes for her, i am so glad she is loved deeply and well by you all... don't we all know how exciting it is to find a great light area... so happy yours is convenient as well!

Snowcatcher said...

Truly what a beautiful gift for your mother-in-law! Sounds like your new work space will be wonderful for inspiration and photography, too. Yippee!


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