Thursday, June 28, 2012

Such a tool! Sara Sally LaGrand class too.

Today my mother in law leaves her home of over 40 years to move out of state and be near her daughters, in a place where she can get the help she needs.  It's a big move for a nearly 90 year old, and has forced her to sort through a lot of things and let them go.  I can't imagine how difficult this must be for her at this age, to leave many of her things, routines, and friends after all this time.  I will miss seeing her so often, but look forward to a visit to see her new home next month.  And I'm definitely glad she'll be less isolated, and her needs better looked after.

I feel lucky to have been given this from her stash.  Can you guess what it is?  Sure, it has a nice brass hammer head and a useful bottle opener, but check out what's inside.

Turns out it's a bar accessory from the 1950's.  What a cool addition to my new studio this is!  I don't think it's sturdy enough to do any real hammering, but it will be a nice thing to have around, and a warm memory of my in-laws, who lived the high life in Reno and Lake Tahoe, and were never caught short of the proper bar implement.

I think the only find that could have been more exciting may have been an absinthe balancier.  One day I shall have one of these too...

Meanwhile in my studio, I'm happily practicing techniques I learned in a fabulous class with Sara Sally LaGrand at Bay Area Glass Institute last weekend, and adapting them to a series of work I've been dancing around ever since I started my glass journey.  Sara is the ultimate artist, and I enjoyed every minute with her.  She convinced me that I need to attend the Glass Art Society conference some day, where the focus is the art and creativity goes sky high.  The fashion show sounded incredible.  Anyway, if you get a chance to learn from Sara, grab it!  

Here is the broach I made in class.  I used some of the twisties I made recently as the center part of the "crater" beads, and as stand alone "pods".  I'm always too overloaded in class to think about coordinating a nice color scheme, so this one was pretty random, but it still seemed to come out ok.  The ninja is there to guard it from marauders, of which there were a few. 

Yes, the lovely and talented Shirley Cook was taking the class too, but apparently did not want her fans to know this, so she went incognito.  Her piece turned out beautifully, as did everyone's. 


Tania Tebbit said...

Wow - what a cool hammer - and who would of thought there was a corkscrew inside. Must be to fight off the drunks!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Love the new broach Patty and I agree with you about Sara Sally - she is one of a kind and a great teacher!

mairedodd said...

i guess my comment didn't 'take' yesterday... transitions are difficult - i am so glad your m-i-l has loving supportive family to help her... the beads look amazing - i cannot wrap my brain around how all of that goodness happens! so very glad you got to go to a class..


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