Friday, October 26, 2012

On feathers and wings and leaves

There has been a subtle theme running through my creative work lately, and I am more and more convinced that it comes from a sacred place.  I firmly believe that the creative process deeply taps into our spirituality, and that somehow I am just a channel and not the source of this work.  It is in the universe, in the experiences that bind us together, and remind us that we are all human together.  There is something bigger than ourselves.

First, the leaves came.  In tremendous volume (anyone who comes to see me at the Sacramento Arts Festival in a week will see this for themselves).  They tie me with nature, and remind me why I so love my home in the mountains.

Fall-inspired leaves, destined for earrings, brooches, and neckpieces.
Work in progress.
 Once the leaves came they morphed into feathers...
Glass leaf and feather earrings.
And the feathers morphed into wings, and reminded me of how a heart can soar, particularly when it is buoyed by hope...

Work in progress.
I am getting excited about the show, spending time with a dear friend who has volunteered to help me there, and excited about seeing my wonderful customers there again. If you're in the area I hope you might come and visit.
"Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the
tune without the words, and never stops at all." 

- Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

At long last, fall

 My fall flowers and the beads that they inspired.  
These are going on some neck pieces and brooches.
Well, I have to say that it's kind of embarrassing to post after such a long absence.  I used to feel guilty after a week or two of no posts, but wow, this is...a lot.  But I'm fine, and life is good, it's just that I've been living more of it in the present, in living color, in person, as it were, as opposed to online.  It's amazing how much of life can slip right past you when you're clicking here or there, virtually living. 

New earrings.  Everything is flowers and leaves around here right now, it seems.  But I'm not complaining!
Anyway, lots of things are getting mended, and otherwise tended to around here (except most of my sorry garden, I'm afraid).  I was quite proud of my container gardening efforts, which are elevated out of deer and gopher range, and seemed to be easier to tend and coax into a flourish than their cousins in the ground.  But now all that's askew, as our deck is all torn up.  What started out as a little surface sprucing turned into a rather major effort to replace unseen rotten supporting members, and now Mr. Fixer is just about back to where we were a few weeks ago when we started this little cosmetic project.

So what's been happening?  We had a lovely evening with this man at a lovely mountain venue.

Yeah, probably the sweetest seats I'll ever have.  And Jason Mraz at the HP Pavilion gave a fantastic performance a few weeks ago, but I'm just done with arena venues after that.  I just don't like the big, echoing feel, and all of that space in between you and the musicians.  Give me a dive Mexican restaurant or a grassy seat in a meadow and I'm there, but no more arenas.

Then there was a great trip to Washington state this summer, and it was great to see friends along the way, and my in-laws in the Seattle area, in addition to some local sights, and of course, The Gathering, which was fabulous as usual.  Every year I seem to "know" more and more attendees, and it's so much fun to catch up with them, and of course, to fondle each others glassy creations, a.k.a. The Gathering Handshake.

The Chihuly Gardens and Glass is totally worth seeing, even if you've already seen his latest touring show.  This was my favorite vignette in the garden outdoors.  The plants have been expertly matched with some of his work, and it's so right down there in the City Center, at the foot of the space needle.

Our dog has now had his second knee operation, and in another few months will be happily active again.  The girls are doing fine, and either we have had the Mother of all hen fights today or molting has begun. 

But I digress.  So what's new?  Weeeellll, I've got a wonderful (she gushes) new studio and have been trying to find my rhythm there.  I still need to just pick a date for my studio warming party, and get my teaching act together, but everything is up and working and I'm loving it.

Here are a couple of shots of the inside. 

This is where I melt glass.  I love looking up at the window where I have my trade beads from The Gathering.  I have more to put there now.

And this is where I assemble pieces.  I have an incredible view of the woods, should I need more inspiration.

Another dream of mine was realized in September when we took the boat across the bay to "watch" a Giants' game from McCovey Cove, outside of AT&T park.  The people watching was phenomenal, and the Gigantes won.  A very good day indeed.
AT&T Ball Park from McCovey Cove
?????  He actually drove this thing all the way across SF Bay.  I guess it's one of these, maybe some kind of overpowered surfboard, or maybe it brews beer, I don't know. 


Stemware.  On a kayak.  Watching baseball.  I love San Francisco!
Anyway, how's that for a whirlwind catchup?  I'll try to be better in the weeks ahead.  I've been busier in my studio than I have in a good long while, and have lots of really cool pieces to share with you.  Stay tuned.  Oh yeah, Diane Woodall was very kind to include some of my work in the October issue of the Soda Lime Times - check it out.


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