Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Video Tutorial - Lampwork leaf headpins

Today I accomplished something I've had on my list for a number of months.  I made a video to share with you showing how I make my glass leaf headpins.  Here's some examples of earrings I've made with them:

The tools I use in the video are a pin vise, which is not mandatory, but helps - I use the Mandrel Pin Vise (, and some leaf mashing pliers (  Mine are the Realistic Small Curved pliers.  You'll also need a bit of glass, and some leftover twisties.

And here's the video tutorial on how I made them.  They're very easy and fast to make.  Sorry for the bit that's out of the frame - I'm still working on the best way to record and will do better next time.  Have fun with this!


Eileen Robbins said...

Thank you, great demo!

Jodie said...

Very nice tutorial! I love the use of the steel wire instead of copper.

SueBeads said...

Thank you so much, Patty, you are so generous! Thanks for the tip about the pin vise too! I had been making mine holding a plier! I think I'll get the pin vise! So much easier!

Pam Takacs said...

Wow what a clear concise tut. I am going to play tomorrow! Thanks so much.

janetstarrym said...

I'd seen something like this in a magazine. thank you for showing me! now it all makes more sense.


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