Saturday, May 11, 2013

Freehand lampwork flower headpin tutorial

Greetings from the land of too much work and not enough play.  It's been a breathtaking spring here in Northern California, and it seems we're into summer already with too little winter rain.  Will make for a long, anxious summer but perhaps the fog will keep any fire danger in check.

I'm pleased to report that I made another video tutorial, and this one is about making cuuuuute little flowers on headpins.  Maybe you don't want to shell out megabucks for one of those fancy bellflower presses, or maybe you just like doing things your own way, but either way this video will show you how I made these flowers (some of these in the picture used a different technique, but this tutorial shows how to make some like the light blue one in the center).

As with my glass leaf headpin tutorial, you'll need a pin vise and some steel wire (or copper if you prefer), and for this project you'll also need a razor tool.  Most of these are just pastel glass, but some are encased - they look great that way if you're comfortable encasing.  It doesn't take long at all since it's not a lot of glass.  And as always, decorate them up in your own wonderful style!

Here's the tutorial, or if you like, you can see it bigger on YouTube.

Have fun!


Deb said...

Fabulous video Patty!! Easy to follow, beautiful results limited only by imagination... & no need for one of those presses whose price nearly made me spit my coffee the other day when I had a look!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to make it :)

Flame Crazy (Cherine Perrin) said...

Great video Patty. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


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