Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Show Time! See you at the Sacramento Arts Festival this weekend.

It's show time again!  Are you going to be in the Sacramento area this weekend?  I would love to see you at the Sacramento Arts Festival - give them my name at the front door for free admission, and come on over to Booth   and say hi.  The show is Friday and Saturday, 10-5, and Sunday 10-6.  I love it when friendly people visit. And the friendly ones on my mailing list have some special perks waiting for them in the email I sent out today.

It's been some months since I showed my work, and suddenly I find myself rushing to complete many creative ideas that I've allowed to simmer slowly over the summer.  My usual challenge is to try to complete multiple projects at once, and try to hang on to my focus as an increasing number of diversions tempt me to deviate from my show readiness plan.  Oh look!  Those shark vertebrae I collected in Baja are calling me...  And that new package of bronze clay I ordered almost a year ago and haven't opened yet...

New brooch #2 (this needs a name, don't you think?)

This fall I've been drawn toward natural forms that I see around me - flowers, leaves, nuts.  I'd like to say that fall is my favorite season (because I was born in October), but frankly I can find something to love about all of the seasons.  As many flame workers probably have done, I've been musing about glass acorns with metal caps for years, hoping to electroform some one day.  At one point I made silicone molds from some small caps I picked up, and tried making caps out of polymer clay.  They were less than spectacular, and I've yet to electroform them.  But after finding a mother lode of big, beautiful caps while walking with a friend, I decided to try electroforming the real thing, and I'm really loving the results.  There is no artist like nature, and the detail in these tiny fruit are amazing.  Now that I feel like I've gotten the cap technique down I'm playing with various ways of creating the bottoms in glass.

Leaves are still one of my favorite things to make, and this fall I've been making some more abstract representations drawn or cut into a flattened bicone shape, and I like the results.  This necklace incorporates warm bronze, carnelian, African yellow opal, and glass into a tribute to fall.

Leaf necklace.
Finally, another idea I've been playing with is floral brooches (ever since I took a fabulous class with Sara Sally LaGrand a while back).  I've been engineering the flowers and the mechanics behind the scenes and have come up with some that have a bit of a steampunk flavor to them.  The flowers are stylized, but super fun to make, and I love the chance to use some of my brass findings.  These brooches are super light weight, and fun to wear, and like the rest of my innovations, it did not come about without much trial and error.

 Don't you think these would be fun to wear?

Anyway, I hope to see some of you at the show.  I'm looking forward to seeing my wonderful Sacramento area friends and customers, and talking with people about my work.  The standing for 3 days part?  Not so much.  But I'll be fine. 


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