Sunday, March 30, 2014

Silicon Valley Fireflies Workshop!

It was a rainy spring day yesterday when about a dozen of us gathered in my studio for the first ever Silicon Valley Fireflies workshop.  We invited local artists Judie Mountain and Wayne Robbins to share their extensive knowledge about booth and display design.  While all of us work very hard on our glass beads and jewelry, the artful and effective presentation of it is an entire avocation in itself.  Judie has had years of experience in the industry, and the inspired design of their art show booth transports the visitor into an exotic state that  makes you never want to leave.

I volunteered part of my setup for critique, and other members brought photos for individual feedback.  I'm excited about taking my booth to the next level, and putting some of the great concepts that Judie shared to work.  Don't tell anyone, but I rather love the booth creation process, and have fun thinking of new ways to show my work.  I just wish it didn't all come in the last remaining days before a show sometimes.

In other news, I've got new work listed in my Etsy shop.  Today's high overcast clouds were great for photos.

New bracelet on Etsy.
New bracelet in my Etsy shop.

Purple pendulum pendant (say that three times fast) in my Etsy shop.

We've had some incredible spring weather here in Northern California, and we're all breathing a little more easily now that we've actually had a little rain.  More to come this week.  Hope there are signs of spring where you are. 


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