Sunday, November 23, 2014

Capping and Coring Workshop!

Yesterday afternoon I hosted a lovely flock of talented ladies from our local Silicon Valley Fireflies ISGB chapter for a bead capping and coring workshop in my studio.  It was a great opportunity for me to clear the cobwebs (among other things) out of there, and get things organized once again.  But I must admit, it made me nervous to have to actually put away my torch and kiln to clear space on my workbench for metal working.  The thought of not being able to use it at a moment's notice was, well, anxiety producing.  But tomorrow I'll do the quick switch to get it back in glass mode, and all will be well.

About the workshop.  For the uninitiated, capping and coring is the process of applying bead caps to a bead and riveting them in place using metal tubing, like the one shown below.

The ladies learned  how to make caps a couple of different ways, and tried out three different tools to rivet the caps onto the glass beads. 

There was tapping.
And dapping.
And riveting.
And excellent results!  Look at these beautiful beads.
Thanks for attending my very first workshop! 
I had fun teaching this, and the space worked great. No beads were killed and everyone picked up the skills well.  You can't ask for much more than that.

Looks for more workshops in 2015!  I have a few fun topics in mind.  I'll be posting the classes here, on my glass page on Facebook , and who knows, maybe on Instagram too (I'm new to that, so no promises).

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