Monday, November 17, 2014

Five things you might not know about my online shop

I've been thinking a lot about my customers lately.  I'm trying to better understand our relationship, and see things from their point of view.  In doing this it has occurred to me that there are probably things that the customers I interact with at shows aren't aware of concerning my online shop.  Things that seem obvious to me, but maybe aren't obvious to them. 

Anyway, a little prelude.  I sell on a website called Etsy It's a massive marketplace of what used to be mostly handmade things, but now includes vintage and supplies.  I have my own "mini-site" there with beads and jewelry, and Etsy provides some online tools for me to manage my shop, in exchange for some fees associated with the privilege of listing and selling things.  You can also message me there and I always respond within the day.  It's open 24/7, and yes, if you find yourself (ahem) unable to sleep some night, you can peruse to your hearts' content.  Trust me, you won't get back to sleep very soon.  If you've never shopped on Etsy, all you need to do to buy there is to create your account following these simple instructions.  All they want is an email address, a user name, and a password. 

So let's clear up some mysteries, shall we?

Five Things You Might Not Know About My Online Shop
1.  I offer gift certificates.  If you think your special person would probably like my jewelry, but can't decide what to get them, you can let them do the choosing, in a very civilized way.  All you have to do is purchase the gift certificate, then give me their email address and I'll send them a special code to use during checkout to use their certificate.  Or I'll send them a paper gift certificate if you prefer.  By law gift certificates don't expire in California, so they have plenty of time to browse my offerings and choose something pretty.   Easy.

2.  I ship all of the items in my shop anywhere in the United States for FREE.  Pretty nice, huh?   I do ship internationally, but charge for it as it's gotten quite expensive.  So it costs you the same to purchase my things whether you do it in person at a show or online. 

3.  I custom fit most of my items according to your desires, at no extra charge.  You don't have to worry if the item you order fits.  I try to provide all of the information you need to decide (height, width, size, color, etc.), but you can also send me some key information and I'll help you make a good choice.

4.  I package my items so that they are ready to gift.  To yourself, or to someone you love.  I do my best to recycle and reduce landfill waste in the process. 

5.  I happily refund your money if the item you buy doesn't meet your expectations, for any reason, if you return it within 2 weeks.  You pay the return shipping.  It's only fair since I paid to send it to you, right?

I also offer some special deals through my newsletter, but that's a topic for another day.  Have I left out anything?  Please let me know and I'd be happy to answer. 

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Snowcatcher said...

What an awesome post, Patty! You know you're going to start a trend; everyone will want to blog about their shops the way you have explained yours. But maybe that's a good thing. We like shoppers!!!


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