Monday, January 26, 2015

A break in the show prep with a bit of bacon, some wine, and a dude with a bow

Bacon is cooking in the Lakinsmith household once again, and I'm here with you and a lovely glass of wine in my Beads of Courage wine glass, taking a break from my studio.  The fire is crackling in the living room and my man will soon be home.

The bacon is for this dish from my favorite source, Epicurious - Lamb shoulder with polenta and beans.  We actually made it a few days ago and I'm re-making one of the components since it was gone before the polenta and the lamb.  I've been shyly flirting with polenta for a while now, and embraced it headily with this dish - it's creamy polenta, and I'm in love.  The roughly cut corn gets simmered in the oven with chicken broth, cream, shallots and thyme, and it couldn't be easier.  The maker of this recipe was brilliant.  The way that part of the leeks get used in a piquant twist to the savory beans is what makes it.  In case you're wondering, no, I'm not a huge fan of the lamb as food, but we were gifted a bit of it by a family member who lovingly raised it on his ranch and it's there in our freezer.  Yeah, I know, not exactly a stanchion of morals one way or the other on this issue, but it is what it is.  But this recipe, wow.  It's some pretty awesome comfort food.

Speaking of sustainable eating, have you heard of Donnie Vincent?  I recently stumbled on one of his videos on Facebook and am intrigued.  Donnie is an adventurer, wilderness bow hunter, gear expert, and maker of extraordinary films, and what drew me in is his love for nature and telling the story of the modern meat gatherer.  The film work and settings in his pieces are breathtaking (as is the haunting cello score), and I just had to get one of his movies for my husband for Christmas.  In addition to sharing these remote, perfect spots with us Donnie is trying to get us all to think about where our food comes from, like one of my other heros, Michael Pollan.  We all need to do more of that. 

"Don't confuse me with being anything else other than proud. Proud to be a hunter. It's time we stop apologizing for how we get our protein. This is who we are. Unless you’re a small time rancher, small time farmer, a hunter or fishermen... you really have no idea where your food comes from. Most people don’t even think about it. Well, we think about it. ” - Donnie Vincent.
I had my own epiphany of sorts on this topic a couple of years back when I was lamenting how much of our freezer space was taken up by fish, wild ducks, and other assorted game, and at the same time scratching my head over how a grown man could take up so much of his free time plotting ways to harvest food from the wild.  And then it struck me.  Here I am, making a point of shopping various "whole" food stores, buying organic protein, when right in front of me was a man doing a remarkable job of feeding his family with the same goal in mind.  He takes what we can eat, from wild and (hopefully) healthy sources, minimizing the impact on the planet.  He only hunts birds, but we are lucky to be able to trade fish for red meat from our friends who do hunt the larger game.  Now when I open the freezer I feel a deep sense of gratitude.

Here is the little Vimeo piece that piqued my curiosity about this guy.

Who We Are from Sicmanta on Vimeo.

Isn't it engaging?  Anyway, those are my deep thoughts for tonight.  I'm back in the studio after dinner for some more show prep. May the force be with us all!

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Sharon Driscoll said...

I will have to look him up Patty - we used to hunt. Ethical hunting and careful harvesting is an art.


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