Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Javelinas coming for their morning visit.
Soon my partner in crime Heidi and I will be hitting the road for Tucson, to experience what is at the same time an exhiliarating, boring, stimulating, demanding, exhausting week+ of adventures.  I get to see lots of my glassy, beady peeps and their incredible works of art, hang with dear friends who used to live here in the mountains with us but now live in Tucson, and spend 830 miles getting reacquainted with one of my bestest friends ever.  We both dread the drive but with each of us taking turns, and chatting the day away it seems to go by quickly.  But once we get there?  Heaven.  I love the desert! And Terry says that the javelinas have been asking about us, and they have a new baby to introduce to us.  I can't wait.

You never know what you might see on the drive to Tucson.

Wind turbines near Palm Springs. 
I wanted to show you some of the work I'll be bringing with me to this new show.  It's always a challenge to know what to bring - jewelry?  Focal beads?  Sets?  As usual I checked my sales records from last year and I at least have a starting plan, but you never know.  And there's always the Last Minute Innovation Factor.  It never fails that within a week or two of this major five day show I am lured away by the "what if I try THIS" ideas, and this year is no exception.  It's something that happens every. single. time. before a big show and I need to work harder to resist the call.  Or not.  Sometimes the discoveries are worth it!

Here are some of the jewelry pieces I'll have in Tucson.

I'm having loads of fun with this disc shape, and making the bails as well.

What would the show be without these awesome ACORNS?  New, with oak leaf bling.
Lots of big holed, capped and cored beads.
I'll share some of the loose beads coming next.  Have yourself an awesome day!


Barb Svetlick said...

The first time I was in Tucson a pack of the wild hogs were running around the hotel digging up things to eat. Drive safely.

nat design said...

Your accorn techniques are very interesting. I prefer flowers to leafs, nuits and accorn:) In Poland we have acorn too. I'll try to do sth creative in autumn. Take care!


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