Monday, February 2, 2015

Mad Science: Learn how to electroform organic material

I'm going to be teaching my electroforming techniques at a couple of venues this year - close to home at Kiss My Glass in Santa Cruz on May 16/17, and then in a one-day class at the ISGB Gathering in Albuquerque in July.  To register for the class in Santa Cruz contact Jackie Marr at Kiss My Glass.  Phone (831) 462-3077, or email  If you're going to The Gathering this year (and do check out the mind blowing lineup of presenters and classes at, keep your eyes on the ISGB website - the conference booklets will be out in a couple of weeks and registration is very early this year, in mid-February.

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of electroforming, and will gain experience applying this knowledge to electroforming on glass and other non-organic materials.  We will then progress to electroforming on organic materials such as leaves, acorn caps, twigs and pods, etc.  While our materials are processing I'll share some of my pendant techniques using the end of the mandrel, and demonstrate bail techniques as well.

Here are some photos illustrating these techniques.

Electroformed acorn caps.

Glass acorn, electroformed (real) acorn cap.
Off-the-end-of-the-mandrel pendant with handmade bail.

Ka-Blinged acorn cap.  We will cover how to do this in the class.

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